PlayStation to Share News at Evo 2019, Prompting Speculation of Street Fighter VI Announcement

Are Capcom and PlayStation gearing up to announce Street Fighter VI at Evo this year? Well, that's what parts of the Internet think. Today, the official Evo account announced a partnership with PlayStation that will see eight of the nine main event titles presented on PS4. And more importantly, there will be news from PlayStation at the show. What type of news, isn't divulged, but presumably we're talking an announcement or multiple announcements.

If you pair this with the fact that Street Fighter V has no new content in the pipeline and is struggling a bit from its underwhelming and messy launch, it could mean Capcom is finally going to announce a new installment. And if it this is true, then it will probably be console exclusive to PlayStation 4/PS5.

Meanwhile, others believe this could spell the return of PlayStation All-Stars, or maybe even mean we'll be getting a PlayStation character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The latter seems very, very unlikely, but the former is certainly possible.

Whatever the case, there will be PlayStation news at Evo 2019, which is being headlined by Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and which is poised to take place on August 2 and run until August 4.


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