Summer Game Fest Start Date Announced

Summer Game Fest got a release window not long ago – surprise, it's happening in the summer! – and now, it's gotten an exact start date. Geoff Keighley, the organizer and host of the event, announced this week that Summer Game Fest will officially begin on June 9th which falls on a Thursday. This start of the event will consist of a live show coupled with game reveals and announcements followed by additional industry events falling under the Summer Game Fest umbrella as the event continues.

Keighley shared the announcement on social media this week and said that the event will begin at 11 a.m. PT on June 9th. It'll be streamed through the usual suspects like Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and other social platforms, but it'll also apparently be in select IMAX theaters, too, for those who want to see all the reveals on the big screen.

Over on the Twitter account for The Game Awards – the other big gaming event organized by Keighley – it was clarified that this opening event will consist of a live show and "game reveals, announcements + more." While we've of course gotten no specifics yet as to what'll be present during that show, past reveals have included things like the first Elden Ring gameplay trailer from last year as well as announcements from well-known industry figures like Hideo Kojima.

Right after this live event on the opening day of Summer Game Fest, this year's Day of the Devs event will follow to showcase various indie games. Over on the site for Summer Game Fest, we're already starting to see some of the other industry participants listed there to give people an idea of what to expect as the Summer Fame Fest shows continue. The joint showcase between Xbox and Bethesda taking place on June 12th, for example, falls under this umbrella as does the Tribeca Games Spotlight on June 10th.

While some things will be left as surprises, studios should start announcing soon if their games will make appearances during these events. If not, they're just as likely to announce games that won't be present during Summer Game Fest so as not to inadvertently get people's hopes up. For everything else, we'll just have to keep an eye out for teases indicating what might show up during the summer festivities. Promises of more news on The Callisto Protocol, for example, received an emoji response from Keighley, so perhaps we'll see more of that game soon during Summer Game Fest.

Summer Game Fest will begin on June 9th with more events to follow.