The Callisto Protocol Creator Shares New Concept Art, Announcements "Coming Soon"

News on The Callisto Protocol has been slim lately with the game's director Glen Schofield recently saying that announcements would be coming soon, but this week, we actually got something more than just a promise of what's to come. Schofield shared some concept art for the game showing a particularly gnarly creature set within an even eerier location. On top of that reveal, Schofield again teased those looking forward to The Callisto Protocol once more that it's "almost time to show you the real thing."

That concept art can be seen below courtesy of Schofield's Twitter account. It wasn't specified what that creature was or how it'd fit into the game, but considering what we know about the new horror game already and how Schofield was one of the co-creators of the Dead Space games, it's not hard to imagine that this is something players won't want to encounter unawares in The Callisto Protocol.

Given that this tease promised more to come, people naturally had plenty of questions about the new game. Schofield addressed those inquiries broadly in another tweet shared on Saturday which acknowledged the desire for more info but said that it wasn't his place to share right now. Those interested have to wait for the official announcements, Schofield said, which are "coming soon" according to the Striking Distance Studios founder.

"I want to thank everyone who's interested in more info about @CallistoTheGame," Schofield said. "As a dev I want to tell you everything! But you know the drill, I have to wait for official announcements. I assure you they're coming soon. With lots of stuff! Making a scary game isn't easy."

Schofield responded to a user asking if the game was releasing this year by saying he'll have an "answer coming soon," so we can at least look forward to getting some info about a release window in the near future.

When those announcements will be shared remains to be seen, but it's presumed we'll hear more about the game during one of the big events taking place over the summer. Striking Distance Studios is owned by Krafton, the same group that owns PUBG: Battlegrounds and much more, so it's anyone's guess which major gaming event these reveals may align with. Interestingly enough, this game itself is also set within the PUBG universe, though we're still waiting to learn more about that, too.

The Callisto Protocol does not currently have a release date.