Super Bomberman R Online Announced

Konami has announced a new Bomberman game, Super Bomberman R Online, which appears to be a standalone, online expansion of Super Bomberman R. And at the moment of publishing, the game has only been announced for Google Stadia, which it's coming to this fall. However, while Konami doesn't announce any additional platforms, it notes it's a "first on Stadia" deal, which means it will eventually come to other platforms. And it's safe to assume it will come to every platform Super Bomberman R is on, which means Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

As for the game itself, it "builds on the success of ci" with a "unique" battle royale experience that supports up to 64 players. That said, it won't just be a battle royale game. Konami also confirms there will be other modes alongside a host of customization options.

"Bomberman and friends are back in Super Bomberman R Online, coming first on Stadia with Crowd Play built in at launch," reads an official pitch of the game. "Super Bomberman R Online builds on the success of Super Bomberman R to offer a unique Battle Royale experience for up to 64 players to compete in live battles, in addition to other game modes. The game will feature greater customization options including numerous characters (including those from Super Bomberman R and other Konami IPs), costumes, accessories and for the first time, bomb skins—affecting both the bomb and the blast itself."

To accompany all of this news, which came during today's new Stadia Connect, Konami and Google also released the game's debut trailer, which you can check out below:


Interestingly, the game, at the moment of publishing, has 102 likes and only one dislike on the above YouTube trailer, which is impressive. Usually, battle royale modes pigeonholed into a pre-existing IP don't go down well with fans, but it appears Bomberman fans will take what they can get at this point. Like Konami itself, we are well beyond the heyday of Bomberman, but it's good to see the nostalgic IP back and relevant, even if it's in a brand new and unfamiliar form.