New Super Mario Bros. Movie Poster Revealed by Chris Pratt

A new poster Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment's upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie has today been revealed by none other than Chris Pratt. In recent weeks, the marketing for The Super Mario Bros. Movie has been picking up quite a lot of steam which has led to new clips and trailers for the animated film being released. Now, just hours before a new Nintendo Direct, Pratt has given eager fans another look at his version of Mario that will appear on the big screen. 

Shared by Pratt on social media, this new poster in question for The Super Mario Bros. Movie solely features Mario jumping in front of a number of iconic platforms from the Mario video games. Outside of Mario, this poster also features some Pirahna Plants, Warp Pipes, and even a Bullet Bill. In all likelihood, we should continue to get more character posters like this leading up to the release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie and it seems like the accompanying actors playing those characters could also reveal these promotional materials in the same way that Pratt has in this instance. 

"Y'all don't even know what you're about to see!" Pratt said in the caption of his tweet today that shared the new movie poster. "There's not a bigger Mario fan than myself. 10 year old me would flip my turtle if I knew I'd grow up to voice this character. I'm so honored to be Mario and carry on the legacy of bringing joy to the world through Miyamoto-san's character. Everyone is fantastic in the film. The trailers are great but you ain't seen nothin yet!"

If you didn't already have The Super Mario Bros. Movie's release date circled on your calendar, the film is set to hit theaters later this year on April 7th. Be sure to stay tuned to our ongoing coverage of the movie here on as we'll be sure to share more information about it leading up to launch. 

How do you feel about The Super Mario Bros. Movie based on everything we've seen so far? Will you be watching the film in theaters when it releases in just a few short months? Let me know either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12