New Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer Potentially Arriving Soon

A new trailer for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie could be arriving at some point in the near future. After a prolonged wait, Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment finally unveiled the first teaser trailer for the upcoming animated Mario movie in the early part of this past month. And while this trailer was largely met with praise from fans, many have been wondering when our next look at the film might arrive. Fortunately, based on new information that has now come about, it looks like we might not have to wait much longer to see our next glimpse of The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Spotted by @dfffaz01 on Twitter, a new trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie has recently been rated by the British Board of Film Classification. This rating came about late last week on November 11th and claims that this trailer in total will last 90 seconds. It's not clear when this trailer will release, but the fact that it has now been rated in this manner suggests that it could drop in the coming weeks.

While it seems likely that we'll get a new trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie at some point soon, it's worth stressing that this new rating from the BBFC could be in relation to the previous teaser. Oftentimes, movie studios will cut down shorter versions of trailers that have already been released for advertising purposes. As such, this trailer in question that has been classified might not be wholly new whatsoever, and could instead be a 90-second version of the teaser that Nintendo showed off a month ago. 

Regardless of what ends up happening with this situation, we likely shouldn't have to wait much longer to see a new trailer from The Super Mario Bros. Movie as the film is slated to arrive somewhat soon. Mario's animated foray onto the big screen is set to drop early next year on April 7, 2023. 

What do you think about The Super Mario Bros. Movie based on what we have seen so far? And when do you think the next trailer for the film could end up dropping? Be sure to let me know either down in the comments or send me a message on social media at @MooreMan12.