'Super Meat Boy Forever' Release Window Announced

The Super Meat Boy universe is expanding with a new game called Super Meat Boy Forever now [...]

The Super Meat Boy universe is expanding with a new game called Super Meat Boy Forever now targeting a release in April 2019.

Team Meat, the developer behind the series, revealed the release window for the game on Saturday and previewed the game in a new trailer. Super Meat Boy Forever follows the first game called Super Meat Boy that was released back in 2010 and introduced players to a whole new level of frustration with challenging and rewarding levels filled with deadly obstacles poised to rip the meaty protagonists apart.

The trailer for the new game, seen above, ended by listing the platforms the game will be released for next year. Every major console including the Nintendo Switch will get the game, but the PC version was revealed to be releasing through the Epic Games Store. A tweet that included the same trailer made that clear, but PC Gamer reported that the game will only be exclusive to the Epic Games Store for a year before it comes to Steam in April 2020.

Team Meat's co-founder Tommy Refenes confirmed the exclusivity on Discord and acknowledged some people's reluctance to add another launcher to their collections but said the emergence of the Epic Games Store as actual competition to Steam was an important change for developers.

"Super Meat Boy [Forever] is coming to Steam April 2020, a year after it launches," Refenes said on Discord.

"I understand people don't like change but ... the end result of this will mean better games for people. It maybe more launchers, sure, but a small price to play for a developer community that doesn't feel like they have one choice on PC."

He added that he would've put it on the Epic Games Store eventually but said he was happy to make it an exclusive on the platform.

Epic Games' new store gives developers a better cut of the sales with the game creators receiving 88 percent of the revenue, and those using Epic Games' Unreal Engine don't even have to pay the engine royalties if the game is released through the store. It's a more attractive option for developers, but it does mean PC gamers' libraries could be fragmented even more with another launcher to hold the games in.

Super Meat Boy Forever is scheduled to release in April 2019.