Super Smash Bros. Art Imagines John Cena as Popular Character

A popular artist has taken John Cena and reimagined him as Super Smash Bros. and F-Zero character Captain Falcon. And, as you would expect, the piece of art is going viral. And it should. After all, is there a greater combination than Captain Falcon and John Cena? Of course not, don't be silly. Further, this puts an end to one of the greatest debates of our century: would John Cena make a good Captain Falcon in a Captain Falcon movie? Again, of course, don't be silly.

The new piece of art comes way of popular and Melbourne-based illustrator and concept artist, Jackson Caspersz, who has built up a pretty massive following on Instagram thanks to their impressive work and wonderful reimaginations. According to the artist, the piece below took a few days to make, and it shows.

"I've spent the last few days creating Captain Falcon. I believe John Cena would be perfect for the role," said Caspersz. "I can hear the 'falcon punch!' right now."

Of course, be sure to give Caspersz a follow if you like what you see. Meanwhile, feel free to leave a common or two letting us know what you think. Is John Cena the perfect Captain Falcon? Explain to us why he is in the comments section.

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