Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Leak Reveals Unexpected Character

A new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate rumor has surfaced, reportedly revealing one of the DLC characters coming to the Nintendo Switch game after the upcoming ARMS DLC fighter. The origins of the rumor are a bit sketchy, however, its claim has since been collaborated, suggesting there's something to it. The report comes way of Marcus Sellars, who claims that Bigby Wolf will be coming to the game as one of the Fighter Pass Volume 2 fighters. Since this claim started to make the rounds, VG Culture HQ Editor-In-Chief Morgan Lewis has backed it up, noting that Bigby will be one of the latter characters coming to the game.

That said, this claim is suspicious for a few reasons. For one, Bigby Wolf is simply an odd choice. The Wolf Among Us certainly has its fans, but it's not even Telltale's biggest series. Meanwhile, the game never even came to a Nintendo platform. The bigger reason this claim is dubious though is it conflicts with previous, official information about the game. In the past, Masahiro Sakurai, the game's creative director, confirmed that any character that doesn't originate from a video game will not be added to the series. Before Bigby Wolf was a video game character, he was a comic series character. More specifically, the protagonist of the Fables series.


All of this is to say, take this rumor with a major grain of salt. Even if Bigby Wolf qualified under Sakurai's guidelines, he would be a very odd addition.

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