Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fans Think Director Is Teasing New DLC Fighter

Is the creative director fo Super Smash Bros. Ultimate teasing a new DLC fighter? Some Nintendo Switch players seem to think so. Not only is Masahiro Sakurai one of the most famous names in video game development, he's a director often under the magnifying glass of Super Smash Bros. fans, who are constantly and intently looking into everything the director does. This includes everything he posts on Twitter.

That said, over on popular video game forum Reset Era -- and other places -- fans are wondering if Sakurai is teasing something with all the images he's been tweeting lately. If you don't follow the creative visionary on Twitter, he's been posting a lot lately. In fact, he's been posting screenshots of the game every day. Why? Well, it's unclear, but it's something that has caught the attention of many Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players, who think all of it is teasing something substantial. The question is: what could Sakurai be teasing?

The answer to this question isn't as exciting as the question itself. While Sakurai has been posting random images of the game on a daily basis, he's been doing this for a very long time. In other words, if he's teasing something, he's playing the long game right now. However, there's probably no teasing going on. Not only are all the images random, but they don't seem to be hiding anything. Further, unlike some directors who like to tease their games endlessly, teasing like this isn't really Sakurai's style.


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