Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Final Two DLC Characters Possibly Revealed

Today, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's second DLC character, Hero, the protagonist from Dragon Quest XI, released onto Nintendo Switch, which means Banjo-Kazooie is up next. That said, who's after Banjo and his bird friend? Well, we still don't know. Nintendo hasn't divulged or even hinted who the last two DLC characters could be, however, a leak may have revealed the pair for it. So, who's possibly joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's massive roster? The DOOM Slayer and a character from Monster Hunter, that's who.

Back in December, a poster over on 4Chan suggested that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would add Banjo-Kazooie, a Dragon Quest hero, a Monster Hunter character, and the DOOM Slayer to the mix. And, as you will know, so far the user is right. Both a Dragon Quest character and Banjo-Kazooie have been released/announced. Now, this could have been a lucky guess, but that's an awfully lucky guess, especially when you consider the user also predicted the Dragon Quest character would have alternate skins of different Dragon Quest heroes. In other words, it doesn't seem like a guess.

That said, if the user is right, and so far they have been, then DOOM Slayer and a Monster Hunter character with male/female options that wear different armors are the last two remaining characters. Of course, take this with a grain of salt, but it's perhaps the best "leak" we've gotten yet. Again, maybe this 4chan user is just the luckiest guesser of all time. I want to believe otherwise, but then I think about the DOOM Slayer being in the game, and I stop believing. I really can't see the character in the platform fighter, but, we'll see, crazier things have happened. I mean heck, Microsoft somehow convinced Nintendo to put Banjo-Kazooie in the game.

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