New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Theory Makes a Compelling Case

A new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC theory makes a compelling case and possibly narrows down the candidates for the game's next DLC character. Following the release of Minecraft's Steve, there are four DLC character slots left in Fighters Pass Volume 2. At the moment of publishing, Nintendo hasn't said a word about any of these four characters, but that hasn't stopped Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite players from speculating like mad.

The theory centers around the game's new tournament, which Nintendo announced yesterday. If you missed the announcement, the tournament will be limited to just characters who come with a hat, helmet, or any other type of head covering.

Why is noteworthy? Well, over on the Smash Board forums, fans point out that this possibly suggests the next DLC character will not have any type of head covering, with the theories pointing out that the tournament would have been held after the character released if the character had a head covering. Of course, the theory is far from definitive, but it's compelling, at least to an extent.

If the theory is true, then many rumored and highly-requested characters -- such as Geno, Waluigi, DOOM Slayer, and Master Chief -- just got ruled out. However, characters like Sora and Crash Bandicoot would remain viable.


That said, it's important to remember that, for now, this is just a theory. And while it makes an interesting case, so have many Smash theories in the past, almost all of which never came true.

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