Rumor: Open World Superman Game Details Leak, Main Villain Revealed


More details have reportedly been revealed regarding Rocksteady's new Superman project that a leaker claims is a huge open world game.

The leaked details were posted on 4Chan, and though the leak comes from an anonymous source, it's got enough details to get Superman fans excited. For those who played Batman: Arkham Knight and other games from the same serious, you'll recognize some of the comparisons that were made in the details about the unnamed Superman project.

From a confirmation of Rocksteady heading up the project to Easter eggs scattered throughout Metropolis, here's everything the leaker says should be expected from the game:

  • Made by Rocksteady
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Big open world Metropolis(about 3 times the size of Arkham Knight with a lot more buildings)
  • Can't play as Clark Kent
  • Main villain is Brainiac
  • Nerfed Superman (TAS Levels)
  • Semi-destructible environments(think AK, no buildings are falling over)
  • Combat system integrates the flying (kind of like DBZ, you can punch someone then zoom towards them and repeat)
  • Set within the Arkhamverse
  • Tons of easter eggs to Superman's lore, and some to the events that took place in the Batman Arkham Franchise

Some who have been following the rumors surrounding the project may have had their own suggestions in mind for who the main villain might be, but it appears it'll be Braniac if the leak is accurate. However, that doesn't mean that you won't get to play against others as well. The post points out that the main villain is Braniac, so there will hopefully be many more minor and major villains included.


In addition to the details about the Superman project, the leaker also said that more announcements on a separate Justice League game should be coming soon with some more information and perhaps even gameplay showcased during E3.

"Rocksteady and WB Montreal are also working on a joint multiplayer game (Hence the multiplayer hirings on Rocksteady's site)," the leak suggested. "This is for a planned Justice League game down the road. They had to nail Superman first. Announcement should be incoming about a couple weeks before E3. (One of those "see more/gameplay at E3 type of reveals)."

Rocksteady hasn't said much in the past about what game the developers are working on, but they've certainly been teasing something. Through various motion capture images shared and other hints, Rocksteady has been teasing a project that many believe is this new open-world Superman game. If what the leaker says is true, fans of Superman and Rocksteady will hopefully know more in the coming weeks when the rumored announcements are made.