Until Dawn Devs Trademark "Shattered State," May Not Be a PS4 Exclusive

It looks like we'll be getting a new game sometime soon from the developers behind the campy [...]

It looks like we'll be getting a new game sometime soon from the developers behind the campy horror PlayStation 4 exclusive Until Dawn. The team from Supermassive Games just filed a trademark for a title called Shattered State and not only does that give us confirmation of their latest project, but the manner it was handled also gives us a sneak peek at possible platforms.

Supermassive has made a name for themselves as a Sony-camp driven game machine but it looks like Sony didn't offer them any help with their upcoming project - it was all solo - so it's very possible that whatever Shattered State is, it might not be a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Huzzah! Even more with the hype of Diablo III's confirmation for the Nintendo Switch, this could also mean their next game will be on the hybrid platform! Keep in mind, that last part is pure speculation on my part and in no way a confirmed fact from the developers themselves.

This could be huge given that when Until Dawn came out, many were upset that so many interesting titles were confined to the PlayStation camp. Supermassive themselves found themselves at the center of this ire, so this potential to open up to even more platforms could mean good things all around. We'd love to see their creative touch more accessible and Shattered States seems like that could very well be the first step in doing so.

Though Supermassive Games has confirmed in the past that there are no plans for an Until Dawn 2, they did mention previously that they had several other bigger projects in the works. Hopefully we'll be learning more about Shattered State soon - maybe even at Gamescom which is just around the corner!

Unfortunately we really don't know anything about the upcoming game at this time aside from a trademark and pure speculation. Still, we're excited to see what else they have up their sleeves - especially with the prequel to Until Dawn - Inpatient - being a VR exclusive.

What are you hoping to see from the team? Another horror title, or something else entirely? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!