WATCH: PlayStation Sent T-Pain a PS5 and He Is Stoked

Sony Interactive Entertainment sent T-Pain a free and special PlayStation 5, and as you would expect, the musician, producer, and streamer is boarding the PS5 hype train alongside the millions who pre-ordered the console or managed to find one at retailers like GameStop and Walmart this morning. More specifically, Sony sent T-Pain a standard PS5 with a disc-drive, aka the $500 version of the console and the far more common version of the console. It also looks like the package came with a special message for the musician and streamer, but it's impossible to make out what it says in the video.

Of course, this isn't the first time PlayStation has sent celebrities and influencers consoles at launch. It's done this with every console in the past, and T-Pain isn't the first celebrity or influencer to get a complimentary PS5. That said, he may be the most excited.

Below, you can check out the special PS5 Sony sent to T-Pain, plus T-Pain's reaction to what seems like an unexpected gift:

Sony wasn't the only one to send free stuff to T-Pain. Shortly after posting the above video, T-Pain posted another video revealing that he had also been sent Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, which is out in North America tomorrow.

The PS5 is now available, in some regions, for $400 and $500. For more coverage on the new PlayStation console click here or check out the links below: