PS5: How to Get to the Hidden Web Browser

The PlayStation 5 doesn’t technically have a web browser, at least not one that’s right up front among the other new features for players to find and access easily. However, through some workarounds, people have already figured out how you can get online on the PlayStation 5 to start browsing for whatever you may need to look for while you’re playing your next-gen games. Sony has commented already about the lack of a proper web browser on the PlayStation 5 and indicated that there aren’t any plans to add one, so this workaround is the only method for now.

ArsTechnica first reported on the way PlayStation 5 owners could get online and start browsing the Internet. To do so, you have to first head to your “Users and Accounts” menu within the PlayStation 5 settings. From there, you can select the “Link with Other Services” option to be taken to a page where you’re able to link your account to different sites like Twitter. This’d be helpful if you were going to be uploading things to different social media sites quickly, but in this case, it’s how you can get online.

Once you’re there, select the Twitter link which will bring you to a login page. Instead of logging in, select the Twitter icon in the corner of the screen and you’ll be taken to Twitter’s site instead of a simple login page. From there, you can head to other parts of the Internet, but there’s a catch: You can only move around to different sites by clicking on links you see in Twitter be they users’ profiles or links those profiles have shared. This is because the URL and search functions are still inaccessible from this version of a web browser, so you’ll have to hope whatever you want to find can be accessed via Twitter.


The good news is that you can reach pretty much anywhere of interest from Twitter so long as you know which profiles to look for, but it’s certainly a cumbersome way to browse the Internet that’d be much more efficient elsewhere. It looks like this is the best option people will have for now as well given that Sony said in the comments translated by Nibel above that there aren’t any real plans right now for a proper PlayStation 5 web browser.