Taiko Drum Master For Nintendo Switch Will Include a Popular Super Mario Odyssey Song

A lot of Nintendo fans were thrilled with the Nintendo Direct that aired last week, confirming a [...]

A lot of Nintendo fans were thrilled with the Nintendo Direct that aired last week, confirming a number of titles for the system, including South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, Okami HD and, of course, Super Smash Bros.

But what you might have missed is that Japan had its own Nintendo Direct, and there were a few titles that were confirmed for the system that aren't being scheduled for a U.S. release. Like, for instance, a new Phantasy Star Online, which will be available sometime this year.

Also announced in that batch of games is a new Taiko Drum Master game for the Switch, which will utilize the JoyCon controllers similarly to drum sticks on a taiko drum, so you don't have to worry about paying for an overpriced accessory if you don't want to. (Also, the game will let you play with traditional controls, if you wish to take that route.)

But perhaps what's most fascinating about this version of Taiko is that it will feature exclusive songs from Nintendo's other games. Amongst these are songs from Splatoon 2 and other games – but one particular song stands out.

That song is "Jump Up Super Star," the catchy jingle first introduced with Super Mario Odyssey's ad campaign during E3 2017. That song has been bopping around in our heads since its initial introduction, and now you can play along with it in Taiko.

Bandai Namco didn't make it clear whether the song would be unlocked from the get-go in the library, or if it would be unlocked over the course of playing the game. We'll likely find out more when it comes out sometime this year.

The publisher hasn't confirmed if it'll get any sort of U.S. release, but, thankfully, Taiko Drum Master looks very importable, which means you should be able to get into the game, with very little translation needed. Plus, who knows what other kind of Nintendo gems will be thrown in to its soundtrack. We could very well be getting some songs from the likes of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze to boot.

Keep an eye on those import shops to see when Taiko Drum Master is headed for release!


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