Target Releases New PS5 Stock Ahead of PlayStation State of Play

Target has released new PS5 stock ahead of today's PlayStation State of Play for both the $500 standard version of the console that comes with a disc drive and the $400 all-digital version of the console with comes with no disc drive. At the moment of publishing, it's unclear how much stock -- if any -- remains as it's store pick up only. In other words, every store in California may be out of stock, but a store in the middle of nowhere in New York could still have plenty of stock. That said, if you do order a console through this restock, be prepared to drive to a local Target, or at least the closest Target with stock still remaining.

Right now, the stock has been limited to a single wave, however, this could change over the course of the day. Many retailers have been releasing stock in multiple waves, so be sure to keep checking if you missed out on this first wave.

As for the stock itself, it can only be ordered online. In other words, while it's store pick-up only, you can't actually order the console in any given Target store. Could this change at some point in 2021? Sure, but right now you can't order or buy a PS5 in-store with Target.

At the moment of publishing, no other PS5 restock has been announced for today, February 25. That said, GameStop, Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, and others have almost exclusively been releasing stock with little to no warning, so just because no other restock hasn't been announced for today, it doesn't mean more won't happen. Keep tabs on the following links:


What will happen today is a new PlayStation State of Play, though for now, it remains to be seen if we will see any PS5 system-sellers, or in other words, games that will get people excited to participate in the gauntlet that is trying to order a PS5.

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