Tetris Submits an Entry for The Dolly Parton Challenge

The Dolly Parton Challenge is still going strong in some corners of the Internet. Tetris, yes seriously, decided to toss their hat into the ring. An official account for the game posted their rendition of the popular four-square format. The challenge focuses on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder. The grid is then filled with four very different depictions of your life. For Tetris, a throwback version of the GameBoy game for LinkedIn, a rather modern iteration for Facebook, Instagram provides the blocks being transparent and a jazzy background and Tinder has he acid dream spectacle of Tetris Effect.

The immediate highlight here becomes the Game Boy visual effect in the LinkedIn square of the meme. Anyone who was coming up during that era will likely appreciate how much love went into creating that signature look. It’s not a one-to-one recreation, but rather an interpretation of what was possible back then on that greenish screen. It even includes that music that is probably burned into the brains of many people who played the game into the ground back then. Another cool facet of that aesthetic change is that it originally premiered as part of the “weekly rituals” offered in the game. But, after people seemed to really enjoy the inclusion, the studio decided to make it unlockable for people when they hit level 50.

Comicbook.com reviewed Tetris Effect back in 2018 and highly recommended the experience:


“This is all about taking an unexpected trip with an old friend through a world that will catch you in its grasp and show you everything that it’s about. Perhaps that’s what Enhance Games’ focus was, so we can respect it. And furthermore, appreciate it. Tetris Effect may not be overflowing with modes, but it’s got classic gameplay wrapped up in the neatest package imaginable, with something new offered around every corner. It’s quite simply the best version of Tetris out there next to the Tengen version, and not another repackaging of an old favorite. If there’s one edition of the game you need to be playing, it’s Effect. And we’re pretty sure if he tried it out, Pajitnov would agree with us. (Even without that “Nutcracker Suite.”)”

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