The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Teases New Killer Coming Next Month

Players will get their Hands on a new Killer in June.

Fans of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre have been waiting a long time for the next member of the family to arrive, but there's gonna be a reunion on June 11th. That's the day that a new addition will be coming to the game, and Gun Media dropped a creepy new trailer to tease their arrival. The only thing we know about this Killer is that he seems to be named "Hands," and the game's official Twitter account is telling players to "get ready to get your Hands dirty." In the video, we can see him stalking Virginia, the most recent Victim added

The video for Hands can be found in the video below. 

What We Know About the New Killer

In the video, Hands is mostly shrouded in darkness, but we can see that he has facial hair, ripped jeans, and what looks like a mullet. He can also be seen wielding a ball peen hammer, which should do quite a bit of damage if he catches up to any Victims! 

New characters have always been added to the game as paid content; while Gun Media has said nothing about cost, presumably the new Killer will be priced at $9.99. That's how much it costs to get Virginia, and it seems likely the price will remain the same. Presumably, Hands is a brand-new character that did not exist in any of the Texas Chain Saw movies. Gun Media only has the rights to the first film, so the developers have focused instead on creating new characters and building on the game's lore. Gun Media CEO Wes Keltner has frequently discussed this limitation, and the possibility it could change in the future. However, nothing suggests that there's been any progress on that front. 

Bringing More Content to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

With June 11th swiftly approaching, we should have a lot more details about Hands soon. It will be interesting to get the character's backstory, and find out how he fits into the overall narrative Gun Media has been creating. While there isn't much story in the game itself, we've gotten more background through trailers and write-ups on The Texas Chain Saw Massacre's official website. It will also be interesting to see who ends up voicing Hands in the game; for Virginia, Gun Media brought in horror icon Barbara Crampton, who appeared in movies like Re-Animator, Puppet Master, and You're Next. It would be great to see the game pay tribute to another horror icon! 

Fans have been clamoring for new content in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and a new Killer is a nice start. At this time, we don't know if Hands will be accompanied by any other content, whether it be free stuff like a new map, or paid cosmetics for the existing Victims and Killers, which is exactly what happened when Virginia was released.

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