The Division's Massive Free Update Is Coming in December

A significant update for The Division that was announced earlier in the year now has a release [...]

A significant update for The Division that was announced earlier in the year now has a release date scheduled for December.

Ubisoft announced the projected release date for the game within a recent State of the Game post that long explained the gap between the news updates. To give an idea of how long it's taken, the sizeable Update 1.8 was announced at the end of August with an announcement trailer that's shown above.

"Update 1.8 is coming in early December," the update announcement from Nov. 16 read. "The reason the update is taking longer than usual to be released following the conclusion of the PTS, is because it is a large content update and requires a longer fine-tuning and testing period compared to some previous updates the game have had."

The next update will include two new game modes, Skirmish and Resistance. Changes to the gear system and other features were also planned, and it appears as though players will finally get to experience the full content of Update 1.8 in December.

Moving onward from the most recent word on The Division's upcoming content, Ubisoft says that their State of the Game posts will be more sporadic. The purpose behind changing the State of the Game posts to more varied streaming methods and altering how the updates are delivered is part of an overhaul of the game's announcement format.

"Another reason for experimenting with these changes is that we realize a community expectation exists to deliver news during State of the Game. Weeks with little to no news can cause unnecessary frustration. We will therefore likely incorporate a more irregular, news-heavy segment during our future weekly streams utilizing the new format.

"Until we are ready to roll out this new format, we will not be hosting a State of the Game stream in weeks when there are no news to share. The gameplay streams with the community teams will continue as per usual."

Ubisoft capped off the discussion by adding that a Double HVT Reward event is now live and will run until Nov. 20. No exact date was provided for Update 1.8, but expect to see it sometime in December with a Global Event following it shortly afterwards.