Until Dawn Prequel 'The Inpatient' Trophy List Gives Major Connection To Original Game

Until Dawn made big waves when it came out on the PlayStation 4 a few years ago and the twist [...]


Until Dawn made big waves when it came out on the PlayStation 4 a few years ago and the twist in-game had many players itching for more. Luckily, that's where The Inpatient comes in. The trophy list for the upcoming Virtual Reality game boasts well for a hearty experience, as well as reveals how closely it will follow the first game in its relation as a prequel.

The trophy list does have spoilers. If you want your experience to be one hundred percent of a surprise, do not read beyond this point.


True Patience
-You collected all Gold, Silver, and Bronze trophies in The Inpatient


Lowest Ebb
-You succumbed to temptation

Through Gritted Teeth
-You resisted temptation

The Disturbing Truth
-You discovered all your memories

Barely Alive
-You escaped the mountain

-You saved Victor the hotel janitor

Don't Look Back
-David, Suzanne and Ted made it off the mountain

The Wendigo
-You chased down Hannah and Beth Washington


-You discovered a memory

Time Lapsed
-You diligently checked the calendar while confined to your room

Horror Film
-You found the projector film of the nurse

Blood On Your Hands
-You were responsible for David's death

Sacrificial Lamb
-You were responsible for Suzanne's death

Dead by Dawn
-Nobody survived the night

-You killed Ted

Ultimate Sacrifice
-You stayed behind to operate the cable car

Sealed Lips
-You convinced the police you'd stay quiet about events in the sanatorium

Personal Hell
You were commited to an institution for not cooperating with the police


Stuff of Nightmares
-You experienced your first dream

Depths of Despair
-You left Bragg alone to his fate

-You met the mysterious owner of Blackwood Sanatorium

-You witnessed the events which led to the closure of Blackwood Sanatorium

For those that have played Until Dawn, the very beginning sequence opened up with a terrifying chase from an unseen enemy that led to Hannah and Beth Washington's demise. Later in the game it was revealed what the creature was and from the Trophy list, The Inpatient lets US become that very same creature with "The Wendigo" gold trophy.

The Inpatient makes its way onto the PlayStation 4 on January 23rd.