The Last of Us HBO Series: Craig Mazin Actually Said He'd Adapt It Last Year

Earlier today, Sony officially cancelled their previously announced movie based on The Last of Us, replacing it with an upcoming HBO series by Chernobyl screenwriter and director, Craig Mazin. While the news came as a welcome surprise to fans of the video game, it turns out that Mazin had actually teased the news back in September of last year! Mazin and Naughty Dog Vice President Neil Druckmann had an exchange on Twitter about The Last of Us Part II, prompting YouTuber Steven McInerney to ask them to work on something together. Mazin replied with a simple "Okay." At the time, no one would have thought twice about it, but Mazin has confirmed that they were, in fact, in talks at that point.

On Twitter, McInerney took a bit of a victory lap over the announcement, jokingly taking credit for making the series happen. Mazin came in to burst McInerney's bubble, but the YouTuber just seems happy that Mazin has joined The Last of Us series. Regardless of how Mazin came onboard, it is interesting to see the exchange. It just goes to show that sometimes the interactions fans have on Twitter can elicit responses that might pay off, down the line!

Mazin does seem like the perfect person to bring The Last of Us to life for HBO. Chernobyl showed that Mazin is quite capable of adapting a powerful and dramatic tale of a possible end of the world scenario. Chernobyl won several awards for HBO, and proved to be one of the network's biggest hits, last year. Given this, it's easy to see how McInerney would have wanted to see Mazin join the series in the first place!

On top of his talents behind the camera, Mazin clearly has a passion for video games, as well. The initial Twitter exchange between Druckmann and Mazin certainly shows it, but Mazin is also signed on to write the script for a movie based on 2K Games' Borderlands franchise, which will be directed by Eli Roth.


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