The Last of Us Remake Leak Shows Huge Scene Remade

A new look at the upcoming remake of The Last of Us -- titled The Last of Us Part 1 -- has provided PlayStation fans with another look at the PS5 game and the incredible graphical upgrade Naughty Dog and Sony have given it. The leak comes the way of Reddit, where it was circulating before the post showing off the images got deleted. Thankfully, Twitter and other places were quick to get receipts, which PlayStation and Naughty Dog can't hope to completely scrub from the Internet. 

One of the images show Tommy Miller, the brother of Joel. Not only does the image reveal the character's huge graphical upgrade, but the entire scene going on in the image. The second image features Joel and Tess, two characters players have already seen remade. The third image features Joel, but more highlights the visual upgrade when it comes to environments, which is just as substantial as the character upgrades. And then there's a fourth image that also highlights the environmental upgrades.

Below, you can check out the images courtesy of Twitter user "Dillon." That said, by the time you're reading this, the tweet below may have been deleted, so keep this in mind. If this happens, we will try to update the story with a new embed.  

Unfortunately for Naughty Dog and Sony, this isn't the only leak. A chunk of gameplay has also leaked from the game's prologue featuring one of the more gut-wrenching moments of the entire title. The same disclaimer provides to this leak as well.

At the moment of publishing, none of the implicated parties have commented on this leak. That said, when something like this leaks online it's usually because it's about to be released. And even if this isn't the case, this leak will likely now accelerate the official release of this material if it's not imminent. 

The Last of Us Part 1 on PS5 is set to release worldwide on September 2. As always, feel free to leave a comment or two letting us know what you think or, alternatively, let me know over on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_. How does The Last of Us remake look? Will you be buying it for a second or third time?