The Last of Us Part 2: How to Find Every Weapon

From the most basic weapons like pistols to more involved and high-powered gear, The Last of Us [...]

From the most basic weapons like pistols to more involved and high-powered gear, The Last of Us Part II has a number of guns and other gear for players to find. You'll need as many of these additions to your collection as you can find if you want to get through the game's tougher enemies, and if you want to cycle between these items as effectively as possible, you'll need some inventory upgrades to assist with that as well. Some of these guns are a bit trickier to locate than others, but we've found every weapon and upgrade in the game and can help you do the same.

Players start out with a pretty basic level of equipment, but once you get to the end of the game, you'll have an arsenal at your disposal assuming you've found everything you can. Ammunition's pretty plentiful throughout the game depending on what difficulty you've chosen, so there's no real guide necessary for that – just pick up what you can when you can to stay fully stocked.

If you're ready to find all the weapons in the game, check out our guide below to make sure you don't miss anything.

Spoiler Warning: The guide below contains spoilers for story moments and chapters.

Seattle Day 1 – Pump Action Shotgun, Downtown

Once you enter the sprawling Downtown area in the first chapter of exploring Seattle, you'll have plenty of places to visit. To arm yourself as quickly as possible, head for the Westlake Bank location by using your map and environmental clues as a guide. There's a bank vault inside with a code on a nearby corpse, but you can just enter 602306 to get into the room. Inside you'll find the pump shotgun which will add some much-needed stopping power to your loadout.

Seattle Day 1 – Stun Bomb, Downtown

Another resource you'll find in this chapter is the Stun Bomb. When you're trying to get into the domed FEDRA building, you'll find a ladder outside in an alcove to the side of the gate. The Stun Bomb recipe is found at the top of the ladder, but if you miss it here, you can find a Stun Bomb in the Courthouse before you enter the room with the elevator.

Seattle Day 1 – Trap Mine, Capitol Hill

The Trap Mine is found in the same chapter and can be located with relative ease if you're exploring enough. You'll come to a spot after the Motel location where you can push a dumpster in position to explore some apartments by climbing over a balcony. Inside, you'll find the Trap Mine recipe on the bed. If you miss this find, you can still get the recipe by finding one on a workbench in Seattle Day 2.

Seattle Day 2 – Bow, Hillcrest

This weapon is definitely the easiest one to find out of everything you'll come across and will also be one of the most useful ones you can get. You'll find remnants throughout the Hillcrest level of some sort of bow-wielding vigilante, and as you progress through the chapter, you'll eventually find him. He's infected at this point which means you'll end up fighting him, but once you beat him, you get his bow. It's a scripted sequence, so don't worry about missing it.

The Last of Us Part 2
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Second Spoiler Warning: Bigger spoilers exist beyond this point, so tread carefully if you don't want anything spoiled

Seattle Day 1 – Pipe Bomb, On Foot

Like Ellie's bow, you can't really miss this item. When inside a workshop, Manny will let you know that there are enough resources nearby to craft a pipe bomb. Just pick up those and you'll be taught the recipe for creating the explosive device that can then be crafted moving forward.

Seattle Day 1 – Hunting Pistol, On Foot

After leaving the workshop where a boat hangs in the middle of the building, you'll end up at a slope where you can head down to a trainyard, but you don't want to go down there just yet. Instead, head to the building to your right by navigating through a hole in the wall. Inside is a safe that's opened with the code 173807. You'll get a Hunting Pistol for your efforts which can stun enemies with a powerful blast and take them down at long ranges.

Seattle Day 1 – Double-Barrel Shotgun, Hostile Territory

A narrow strip of stores yields plenty of places to explore once you get to this area, but there's one location and item within those walls that you won't want to miss. Head into the building called King Street Relics that's blocked by a chain fence and you'll be able to scavenge the inside for resources. Head behind the counter and you'll see the double-barrel shotgun hanging there.

Seattle Day 1 – Crossbow, The Coast

Like some of the other weapons, the crossbow is a weapon that can't be missed. You'll find it when you're on a ship and have to make your way through a number of different halls and rooms. At one point you'll be prompted to open a door that's been partially blocked by something. Opening it will reveal that something was a body, and on that body is the crossbow. It works similarly to the bow in that it can take enemies out stealthily, but the bolts for this weapon don't break nearly as easily as the bow's.

Seattle Day 2 – Flamethrower, The Descent

The flamethrower is an invaluable weapon to have, but it's also a tricky one to find. You'll locate this when you're descending through a rundown hotel after crossing the sky bridge. While making your way down, you'll come to a point where you have to jump a ledge and end up in a room with a TV and paintings of trees and houses on the wall. Take a right in the room, jump another gap, and take another right at the end of the next room. There's a door slightly ajar here. Squeeze through that and you'll find a beam in the middle. Cross that beam and find the flamethrower on a corpse. There've been reports of the flamethrower appearing elsewhere in the same level, however.

Santa Barbara – Silenced Submachine Gun, Pushing Inland

Again, you can't miss this weapon. It's part of a scripted sequence towards the end of the game, so while you'll have tons of gear at your disposal at this point and don't really need anything else, it's still useful to have to approach encounters stealthily. You'll find yourself in a cutscene with a new faction unique to this part of the game and will be awarded with the submachine gun after watching how things play out.