Sony Shows Love For The Last of Us Part II In Humorous Tweet

The Last of Us Part II

So lately we've seen a few posts on social media talking about the greatest video games, only for people to make a list that reads out a sentence saying "You can't rank them honestly…" only to name a surprise title in the number one spot. So of course, Sony wanted to join in the fun.

Over the weekend, the official Sony account went with such a post, explaining when it came to greatest video games that "Honestly, you can't rank them because each is amazing and nuanced and delivers fun and challenges in different ways. And then it ends with saying "The Last of Us." You can see the tweet in its entirety below.

Part of this may be due to The Last of Us Part II's super successful showing during the Sony press conference at E3 a few weeks ago, where we got a look at Ellie in action while flashing back to simpler times with a beautiful woman she loves. You can see that exciting gameplay here.

Sony's statement is a bold one, to be sure. But what's even more fascinating are the replies, including a few from God of War fans, who argue (fairly, we might add) that it's an experience that just can't be beat.

We included a few samples of these tweets below.

Sony has been playing along with most of these tweets, responding in kind and even agreeing that God of War is definitely right up there. Then it eventually says, "They're all good games," to which we humbly agree.

So now the question is this. Can The Last of Us Part II topple the mighty God of War We'll tell you what, we can't wait to find out.


The Last of Us Part II doesn't have a release date but will likely arrive sometime in 2019.