The Last of Us: Who Is Anna?

The Last of Us has introduced one last key character to fans in its final episode and her name is Anna. The Last of Us is a story that is defined by its characters and while that may sound obvious, because characters are such a key part of storytelling, they're handled in a very, very specific way in this story. Joel and Ellie are constantly encountering new people in each chapter of the game or episode of the show. All of these new faces teach our two heroes something pretty drastic about the world, humanity, and love, but the last episode of season one of The Last of Us introduces quite possibly one of the most important characters in the entire universe of the series.

One of the best things about The Last of Us TV show is that it allows fans the chance to see things they couldn't see in the game. The game is strictly from Joel and Ellie's POV because that's largely how a game operates. It doesn't have the luxury of changing perspective because games just don't operate that way, it doesn't really make sense. One of the characters that fans have wanted to see and learn more about is Anna, Ellie's mom. It's a character that people had only ever heard about over the years and never seen, but the show gave us the chance to finally see her.

Who is Anna in The Last of Us?

For the first time ever, fans of The Last of Us are allowed to see and meet Anna Williams (played by Ashley Johnson who plays Ellie in the game), the mother of Ellie. In the game, the only thing Ellie has from her is a letter that Anna had written in the single day she lived after giving birth and a pocket knife that belonged to her mother. Anna is really only mentioned in passing outside of that, but it's made clear that Marlene and Anna were friends. Marlene took baby Ellie in and watched her from afar as she grew up until it became clear she was immune to the infection.

In the show, we see Anna is running from an infected as she's about to give birth to her child. She manages to find a farm that is marked by the Fireflies, but once she gets inside, she realizes she's absolutely alone and has to try and buy herself time. Unfortunately, an infected gets in and manages to bite Anna. Amidst her struggle with the infected, an infant Ellie is born. Marlene arrives later that night and promises to keep Ellie safe before reluctantly killing Anna to stop her infection from progressing.

We really don't know much else about her. We don't know who Ellie's father is, we don't know anything about Anna's life pre-outbreak aside from the fact that she was a nurse, it's all kept very vague. Perhaps we'll learn more in the second season of the show, but it's a total mystery.

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