The Sonic Mania: Collector's Edition Is Selling Like Crazy On eBay


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Sonic Mania drops in a couple of days for consoles, with players being able to transport themselves back into the 16-bit era as they endure a classic new Sonic adventure for the ages.

The game will be handily available in digital form, but there's also a sweet collector's edition that has an abundant amount of goodies, including a Sonic statue atop a Sega Genesis platform, a replica Sonic the Hedgehog cartridge with a gold ring inside, and a card with the code on it.

This collector's edition has been sold out for months, but it appears to be selling really well on the eBay front, with a number of sellers offering theirs up for grabs, even though it's not available just yet. (They still have to wait a couple of days for it to ship.)

As you can see from the listings, the prices aren't quite astronomical like, say, a Nintendo Switch system or some of the rarer items out there, but it is fetching a pretty good amount. This is particularly true for the Switch version of the game, which is going up as high as $150, with free shipping.

A lot of these are selling pretty steadily, more around the $75-$100 stage. That said, the prices are likely to go up as the game actually comes out, since demand will be pretty heavy for those to get the ultimate collector's edition. There's no word yet if Sega will make more, but, like most collector's editions, it's probably just a one-time deal, so you either snag it now or, well, pay hundreds more at a later time.


It's a pretty sweet package, and the fact that you get a great game out of it (which we'll be reviewing this week, by the way) is just icing on the cake, even though it's a download code and not necessarily a physical copy – even though those appear to be making the rounds, even on Nintendo Switch.


We'll keep you informed on the game's progress as the week goes on. But, yeah, if you want a collector's edition, get your bids in now.

Sonic Mania releases on August 15th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The PC version was recently delayed and will follow August 29th.