Sci-fi Mystery Game The Station Announces Release Date With New Trailer

A release date and a new trailer have been revealed for The Station, a puzzle-filled sci-fi game [...]

A release date and a new trailer have been revealed for The Station, a puzzle-filled sci-fi game that's scheduled to be released next month.

Played from a first-person perspective, The Station puts players aboard the Espial Space Station, an advanced spacecraft that soars above the alien planet Psy Prime. Like any good space story, the onboard systems of the Espial Space Station go offline and communication goes dark. That's where the players come in as they travel to the space station to find out what went wrong and what's happened to the station's crew that completely disappeared.

Taking advantage of the futuristic, hi-tech devices that the game presents players with and the first-person perspective, The Station's creative director Kevin Harwood explained in a PlayStation Blog post how the AR tech will help you solve the puzzles of the space station.

"Your character is equipped with an AR device that feeds you audio and visual materials on board. Each crew member of the station was implanted with a device that would record moments during their mission. These audio logs were triggered by physiological reactions to stress and emotions. Your AR device renders these recordings as points of interests in the physical space. Discovering these orbs scattered around the station will reveal a crew member's thoughts, decisions, and on occasion, their intimate desires. The information from these orbs will help you piece together what exactly went wrong."

The game's Steam page offered more information on the core gameplay elements that involve augmented reality, solving puzzles, and piecing together all of your findings to learn more about Espial Space Station. A resource site separate from the main page also delves deep into the game's story and the characters involved from the perspective of Axiom Space Agency, the fictional organization responsible for the Espial Space Station and the mission to Psy Prime.

The Station is scheduled to release on Feb. 20 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.