The Witcher Creator and CD Projekt Red Resolved Their Legal Dispute

CD Projekt Red announced this week that it's reached an agreement with The Witcher author Andrzej Sapkowski regarding a legal dispute over the acclaimed series. The creator of The Witcher sold the rights to The Witcher to the game developers so that they could adapt the series into the games that have now become fan-favorites, but Sapkowski requested more from the company than the initial payout after seeing how successful the games had become. That legal dispute has been ongoing behind the scenes, but CD Projekt Red said the two parties have now resolved the situation.

The company behind The Witcher games shared a report on its investors site on Friday to offer an update on the legal dispute. The report said that CD Projekt has "entered into an agreement which solidifies and reinforces the Company's relationship with Mr. Andrzej Sapkowski."

Sapkowski's initial request asked for $16 million while citing Polish laws to say that the payment the owner initially received was not enough. This report doesn't say how much more the author has been paid – assuming he is being paid more by the company at all to fulfill his demands – and we probably won't know that number unless it surfaces online somehow considering the non-disclosure agreements that are in place.

"Given the contractual non-disclosure provisions applicable to both parties as well as the Company's legitimate interest in protecting its trade secrets, details of the agreement will not be disclosed," the report from CD Projekt said. "Nevertheless, the agreement satisfies and fully clarifies the requirements and expectations of both parties in light of previously concluded agreements, and establishes a framework for future cooperation between the parties."

Even with this legal matter going on, the author has still been involved with Netflix's The Witcher which just released its first season on Friday. Previews like the one above have seen Sapkowski and showrunner Lauren Hissrich talking about stories of The Witcher and the process of adapting those works to other mediums.

Netflix's The Witcher is now available on Netflix with eight episodes included in the first season. You can see our full review of the show here as well as reactions from The Witcher fans here.