The Witcher Gets a Hilarious Honest Trailer

Released at the tail-end of 2019, Netflix's The Witcher still managed to become one of the biggest shows of the year. The series propelled sales of the original books, and led to increased interest in The Witcher III: Wild Hunt on PC and consoles. However, no matter how beloved the product is, it's probably getting an Honest Trailer. Netflix's The Witcher is no exception, with a hilarious send-up from the group at Screen Junkies. The team's latest video skewers some of the show's most memorable moments, comparing it (somewhat favorably) to Xena: Warrior Princess, with more nudity and cursing. The trailer was apparently highly requested by the site's fans, which is to be expected from bigger shows and movies.

Naturally, the trailer pokes fun at one of the show's most controversial elements: the narrative structure where different events take place at different times, yet no one looks any different. That particular element caused some consternation among viewers in the first few episodes, though it did allow showrunner Lauren Hissrich to introduce Ciri and Yennefer much earlier, as a result. Hissrich has already said that the narrative structure will be different in the following season, and more of an effort will be made to change the characters' looks for flashback sequences.

Star Henry Cavill's infamous grunting also received some attention in the Honest Trailer. In the series, Geralt says a lot without saying much at all, and Cavill ad-libbed the majority of them. Despite the fact that they weren't in the script, Cavill's frequent grunts have quickly become one of the show's more memorable bits, and the Honest Trailer showcases a number of them.

Yennefer's frequent lack of clothing, Jaskier's songs, and the show's frequent beheadings are just some of the additional foibles the trailer exposes. While the Honest Trailer certainly pokes fun at the series, it's clear throughout that it's fairly good-natured. Creators Andy Signore and Brett Weiner have featured plenty of bad shows and movies on Honest Trailers, but they have also featured a number of critical darlings; diehard Witcher fans should remember that pretty much anything is fair game!


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