The Witcher Season 3 May Have Cast "False Ciri"

Filming on The Witcher Season 3 is currently underway, but Netflix has kept quiet on most details surrounding the season and its storyline. There have been a number of hints however, and details about new cast members coming from the set. Redanian Intelligence believes that actress Frances Pooley may be playing a character named Teryn. That name won't be familiar to fans of Andrzej Sapkowski's books or the video games from CD Projekt Red. However, that name might have been created for a character that has previously been known only as "False Ciri."

In Sapkowski's books, "False Ciri" is a girl that bears a strong resemblance to the real Princess Cirilla. Debuting in the book Time of Contempt, the False Ciri was sent to Emhyr, the emperor of Nilfgaard. Despite the strong resemblance, Emhyr quickly saw through her disguise. The "False Ciri" would not provide him with her true name, so Redanian Intelligence speculates that the show might have given her one. A lot of this is conjecture on the part of the outlet, but Redanian Intelligence has a deep knowledge of The Witcher, and Pooley does bear a strong resemblance to Ciri actress Freya Allen. Side-by-side images of the two actresses can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

The Witcher has become one of Netflix's biggest exclusives over the last few years, and the show has been embraced by fans of the books and video games, as well as newcomers. The show has diverged quite a bit from the source material, so it's difficult to say for certain if Pooley really will be playing "False Ciri," but she and Emhyr actor Bart Edwards are apparently both at Longcross Studios filming scenes. That certainly lends more credibility to this theory, and it would be interesting to see how this scene from the books might play out in the show. For now, fans of The Witcher will just have to wait and see what Season 3 will bring!

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