This Nintendo Staffer Conquered A Tough Splatoon 2 Stage In Just Over A Minute

Note: If you purchase one of the awesome products featured here, we may earn a commission. Okay, [...]

Note: If you purchase one of the awesome products featured here, we may earn a commission.

Okay, so let's say you're good at Splatoon 2. You have no trouble holding your own in multiplayer, and even with the single player stages, you can easily score decent times running through the stages and attaining all the collectibles.

But even then, you're probably not as good as some of the internal Nintendo folk that worked on the game. And if you need to see further proof of that, we'll happily reference the video that you can see above.

Originally pointed out by Nintendo Life, this video features a pretty incredible run of a Nintendo staffer in Japan running through one of the tougher single player stages in the game – and completing it in just over a minute. And here you thought your squid/kid skills were elite.

There's no word as to why the video was made, but it appears to stand as an open challenge for those Splatoon speedrunners out there that boast about their best times in the game – and who knows, it could very well try to teach them a thing or two when it comes to getting from point A to point B a lot faster.

The stage is called the Octozeppelin Invasion (that's a band name if we've ever heard one), and according to Nintendo Life, it's the sixth stage that can be found in section two of the game. The player makes short work getting around the stage using a number of teleporters, and also has a good amount of speed thanks to some well-placed curling bombs that enable them to swim around a lot quicker. There's also use of the occasional Splat Charger blast, as well as splat bombs. And it's all done in just the right places, making the run complete in a matter of one minute and nine seconds. It looks like the Splatoon gauntlet has been thrown.

Again, watch the video above and see if you can apply some of these skills to your own style of play. It might just serve you a benefit in multiplayer as well, if you were looking to get around the map in a hurry. Curling bombs for the win!

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