This Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Player Got The Ultimate Revenge For His Squad

It’s not often that you get to see someone fulfill great revenge in a shooter, especially when [...]

It's not often that you get to see someone fulfill great revenge in a shooter, especially when they're facing off against players that are better than them. But leave it to an ingenious player from overseas to get even on a few rival squad mates in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds.

The video, which originally posted here, features a player who loses his entire squad at the hands of a team that's all wearing red shirts. He manages to get away and resurface, then slowly plots his course of revenge.

First off, he picks off a few rival players with an assault rifle and makes his way to one of them, which happens to be wearing a red shirt. The player puts it on the character, and then proceeds to run around in the open, hoping to mix in with the others.

See, here's the thing. There are teams that actually dress the same way in order to tell who's on their team and who isn't. So the person wearing the red shirt is hoping to mix in with the others to fit in with their squad. But here's the thing – it worked.

The person walks around in the red shirt for only a little bit before the group shows up in a car, offering to pick him up. He joins in and even helps them with acquiring certain assets within the game, including health packs and stuff. He also holds a conversation with them for a little bit, in the hopes of gaining trust. And, again, it totally works.

But here's where things get interesting. While the other players are relaxing in their base and chilling together, the rogue soldier decides to surprise them by rolling a grenade right into the middle of their group. And it totally kills a majority of them, leaving just one player standing. And that player is easily wiped out with the help of an assault rifle. Ah, revenge…ain't it sweet?

Watch the full clip above…and watch out for who you trust. You never know.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is available now in Steam Early Access for PC, and will release on Xbox One later this year.