Timothee Chalamet Had a Secret Xbox 360 Custom Controller YouTube Channel

Timothee Chalamet has a passion for video games going back to the days of the Nintendo GameCube, growing up playing titles like Luigi's Mansion and Super Smash Bros. Melee. The Dune star discussed his passion for the gaming medium in a new interview with Youtuber Nate Hill, where he also revealed that he once had a YouTube channel dedicated to Xbox 360 controllers he personally customized! While that was quite a few years ago, it seems the actor still maintains a strong passion for video games.

"I actually had a YouTube channel people found, it's Youtube.com/moddedcontroller360," Chalamet said, rattling off the address. "I used to paint mod controllers... I did three, and I spray painted them. I would open them up and paint them. I would charge people $10."

Unfortunately, Chalamet did not find a lot of success with his custom painted controllers, selling just three to viewers for a grand total of $30. That fact led to a few laughs from Chalamet's Dune co-star Zendaya, who also appeared in the video. The controllers took him many hours to paint, but that's not what led him to stop: instead, it was his parents, who were apparently frustrated with Chalamet constantly leaving paint all over the house!

Skins based on both of the actors were recently added to Fortnite, alongside other content based on the film (readers can find out more about that content right here). In fact, Nate Hill's video actually features Chalamet's reaction to seeing the skin in action in Fortnite for the very first time! The actor revealed that he actually isn't very good at the battle royale, but he seemed to be pretty blown away seeing himself in a video game. It's a very cool moment, and the full video is well worth watching for fans of the young actor, as well as fans of Fortnite. Readers interested in checking out the full video for themselves can find it right here.

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