A Total War Saga: Troy Launches for Free on the Epic Games Store

A Total War Saga: Troy, often referred to a little more simply as Total War: Troy, is now available on PC exclusively via the Epic Games Store. And as part of the launch, the new strategy video game from Creative Assembly Sofia is actually available as an additional free game on the service -- with a catch. If you are interested in picking it up for free, you only have 24 hours to claim it, and tomorrow morning it will go back to being a for-purchase title.

In case you are not familiar, A Total War Saga: Troy follows the Trojan War while also taking inspiration from Homer's The Iliad. Rather than be totally, completely historically accurate, the game takes a unique approach by presenting the myths and fables of the time -- like the Minotaur -- as authentic, larger-than-life characters that really existed. It's a mix of myth and reality that is fairly unique to the new game, though the Total War franchise has certainly delved into the mythical and magical before.

"With TROY, we've created a truly unique Total War experience," said game director Maya Georgieva as part of the launch announcement. "We're incredibly proud of what our team at Creative Assembly Sofia has accomplished in its recreation of this iconic period, and feel it is a great next step for the Saga series".

A Total War Saga: Troy is now available for PC via the Epic Games Store, and as noted above, it is free until tomorrow morning. It is exclusive to the digital platform until August 2021 when it will launch elsewhere like Steam. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the Total War franchise right here.


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