Someone Made a Transparent Purple Nintendo Switch and it's Giving Us All the N64 Feels


Chances are that if you owned an N64 back in the day from Nintendo, you either had a transparent version of the beloved console or were were desperately wanting one. There's no shame in the cool-coloured console game. There were a few different options for that sweet, sweet see-through look but it looks like one fan decided to take that nostalgia to the next level by recreating the purple transparent N64 into the modern Nintendo Switch.

DanielBoone1294 really dug the atomic purple version of the N64, so much so that he completely re-imagined the latest Nintendo console to fit with this particular blast from the past.

N64 con
(Photo: DanielBoone1294 )

Of course the Internet immediately wanted their own little piece of the 90s, some even requesting their own colour preferences, to which Daniel quickly replied, "I cannot sell these due to the fact that the original clear shells have occasional small defects that have to be sanded/dremelled, etc. If I could get clear shells in bulk that were a perfect fit every time, I would gladly tint and sell them!"


A few more images are available on his gallery, feel free to send Daniel some love for his amazing creation! This just goes to show once again that gamers can make some really cool nods to their favourite platforms when they put their minds to it.