TSR Plans to Bring Back Classic RPG Star Frontiers

TSR has announced plans to bring back the classic tabletop RPG Star Frontiers, resurrecting a [...]

TSR has announced plans to bring back the classic tabletop RPG Star Frontiers, resurrecting a long-dormant game made by the original makers of Dungeons & Dragons. The new game company founded by Justin LaNasa and Ernie Gygax, the son of Dungeons & Dragons co-founder Gary Gygax, has announced plans to resurrect Star Frontiers. The sci-fi themed RPG game was originally made in 1982 and is set in the Frontier Sector, a mostly unexplored corner of the universe inhabited by four different species (humans and three alien species.) The game itself was relatively simple, using percentile dice to make different kinds of checks, and ultimately was discontinued just a few years after its initial publication. Aspects of Star Frontier were eventually recycled for Dungeons & Dragons' Spelljammer setting, and the game and its associated IP were included as part of Wizards of the Coast's purchase of TSR.

While TSR has announced they're working on a new version of Star Frontiers, don't expect to see any creatures from the original game. Wizards of the Coast let the trademark for Star Frontiers lapse, but they still own the IP and the creative works as part of their purchase of the original TSR. According to Ernie Gygax, this will be a complete remake of the game. Evil Hat Productions previously filed a trademark claim for Star Frontiers back in 2017, but never published a product using that name.

TSR is a new company based out of the first office of the original company in Lake Geneva, WI. The company was founded earlier this year and includes several original TSR employees as creators or partners. TSR will be republishing the post-apocalyptic themed RPG GiantLands (originally made by TSR designers James Ward, Stephen Dinhart, and Larry Elmore) and is also developing a children's RPG titled Tales & Tots.