Concept Art of Cancelled Turok Movie Revealed

Greg Russo is working on -- or has recently completed -- writing the upcoming Mortal Kombat reboot and the Resident Evil reboot, as well as the Saints Row, Space Invaders, and FEAR movie adaptations. In other words, he's quickly establishing himself as the guy who pens video game movies. That said, not everything he's worked on has come to fruition. Further, Russo has been at this for awhile. Seven years ago he apparently tried to bring Turok to the big screen, but unfortunately rights issues killed the project. Taking to Twitter, Russo talked about the canned movie, and also revealed some incredible concept art of it, or as he puts, all that remains of the project.

"Blast from the past. Seven plus years ago, I tried valiantly to bring #urok to the big screen," writes Russo. "Worked with Neil Marshall and some talented co-horts to make this a reality. Rights issues sadly killed the deal. This artwork is all that remains. Damn... It woulda' been so badass (sad face)."


As you may know, Turok is slowly been making a comeback via re-releases of the classic games, but it's still by and large a forgotten IP from yesteryear. That said, it's also probably one of the better video game IPs for a movie adaptation. So, hopefully at some point the project gets resurrected, because I'd love to see Russo's vision for series, and so would everybody in the replies of the tweet.