Twitch Testing New Stream Display Ads

Twitch has revealed that it will be testing a new form of advertisements called Stream Display Ads. Essentially, these will appear on-screen without stopping the stream, allowing viewers to continue seeing and hearing the streamer. This will be an optional feature that content creators can choose, and they will receive ad revenue for those that are shown during streams. All in all, this seems like it could be a very welcome way for streamers to offer ads in a way that doesn't prove disruptive to the overall experience. Stream Display ads were apparently created following feedback from the Twitch community.

On Twitter, Twitch provided a gif showcasing how Stream Display Ads will work. Readers can find it embedded below.

As readers can see in the Tweet above, the Stream Display Ad pops up from the bottom of the window, slightly shrinking the rest of the screen. On Twitch's website, there is a second example, showing the ad taking up the left-hand side and the bottom, so it seems there will be different versions of these ads. Regardless, the display isn't cut-off in any way, allowing the viewer to see the complete stream with no obstruction. The Stream Display Ads only stick around for 10 seconds, making them fairly short-lived. The option is currently available for select affiliates and partners, but there is not a way for streamers to opt-in at this time.

While most Twitch viewers would probably prefer no ads, they are an important source of revenue for the company, and this seems like it could be the best way to offer ads, moving forward. It's worth noting that this "won't contribute to pre-roll free time at launch," though it seems Twitch might be leaving the possibility open in the future. Since Stream Display Ads will be optional, it will be interesting to see whether content creators embrace this new method!


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