Ubisoft Warns Players to Use Their "Ubisoft Club Points" Before They Disappear

Ubisoft Club Points are an awesome way to unlock sweet new gear in beloved games from the studio. A lot of people tend to overlook them because they are earned fairly easily, but the studio warns those that have been holding off on using these rewards to use them fast before they disappear.

These points are earned by completing certain tasks in games, many of which are just a part of the normal gameplay experience. It's a pretty awesome system actually - it's not imposed on the player, just there if they want to use them. The system - at least it seemed that way - was perfect but apparently the studio decided they needed a little policy redirection.

“Beginning April 1, 2019, you have 24 months to redeem the Club Units you acquired through your gaming experience or by making eligible purchases on the Ubisoft Store,” warned the studio in their most recent update to the FAQ. “After 24 months, these Club Units will expire and will automatically disappear from your Ubisoft Account. Each time you redeem Club Units, the oldest Club Units will be redeemed first.”

They added, "There is a transition period: you have from now until March 31, 2019 to redeem the Club Units you acquired on or before March 31, 2017. As an example, if you had 60 Club Units in your account as of March 31, 2017, those are redeemable until March 31, 2019. The Club Units you choose not to redeem will expire on April 1, 2019."

Ubisoft also addressed how they will be compare the points earned and how they will be calculated, "To get the number of Club Units that will expire on March 31, 2019, we compare your Club Unit balance on March 31, 2017 with the number of Club Units you redeemed between March 31, 2017 and March 31, 2019.


"If you have redeemed more Club Units than you got 24 months ago, no Club Unit expire. On the contrary, if you have redeemed less Club Units than the ones you owned 24 months ago, the difference will expire on March 31, 2019."

They didn't really provide a reason for this change, merely stating that the change is coming and how it will work. One of the appeals of this rewards system is that it didn't pressure the player to use them or feel the need to go out and pursue completion. The bright side? There is a lot of cool stuff to use these points on, so that's a win?