Ubisoft Is Giving Away Free Games in April, Starting With Rayman Legends and 2 Other Titles

Ubisoft is giving away free games for the entire month of April, starting with Rayman Legends. On top of this, the French publisher and games maker will also be dishing out limited time trials and discounts, all part of a global effort to support people staying home, away from the dangers of the coronavirus pandemic. According to Ubisoft, this initiative provides people opportunities to have fun with family and socialize with friends even as they practice social distancing. As you may know, more people are playing games than ever, thanks to the pandemic which has disrupted the life, work, and hobbies of all.

"For the past few weeks, our teams have been following official guidance and implementing work-from-home policies in affected regions," said Ubisoft in a comment that accompanied the announcement. "We’re very proud of our teams for their amazing response in these difficult and unexpected circumstances, and we are continuing to adapt to the changes and challenges they bring. Our teams are still hard at work developing new games, adding new content to our existing games, and providing support and services for the community. We thank you for your patience and understanding, and for the messages of encouragement you have been sending."

As mentioned above, the campaign will kick off with Rayman Legends, a game that can be enjoyed by yourself or via local co-op. It's currently free to download, and keep. And this will remain the case until April 3. After this, it will no longer be free to download.


Meanwhile, Ubisoft teases that more offers and trials for franchises like Assassin's Creed and Just Dance will be revealed in the coming weeks.

That said, you can download Rayman Legends right here. Meanwhile, at this same link, you will find free trials, as well as other free games. Included in the former is a trial for Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Trials Rising.

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