UMBC Player Compares Historic Upset Against Virginia to Winning a Game of Fortnite

Last night UMBC's men's basketball team made history, becoming the first No.16 seeded team to beat [...]

Last night UMBC's men's basketball team made history, becoming the first No.16 seeded team to beat a No.1 seeded team in the NCAA Tournament, ever. On the other end of this historic upset was the University of Virginia, who was ranked as the best team in the tournament, and thus a favorite to win the whole thing. What made the occasion even more wild was that not only did UMBC win, they dismantled Virginia, trouncing them 74-54.

Pundits and fans alike are already ranking the upset as one of the greatest ever in sport's history. But I know what you're thinking: what does this have to do with video games? Well, after the game, some UMBC players began shooting a post-victory video in the locker room, which quickly become all about Fornite, because, of course it did.

The video begins with UMBC center/forward Nolan Gerrity confirming that he and his entire team are all big fans of Fortnite. Naturally. He then name-drops Ninja, mentioning that the game's most popular streamer tweeted about them. It's true, he did.

Continuing the jocular tone, Gerrity confirms the team was playing Fortnite before the big game that day, while his teammate confirms that not only did Gerrity have a big night on the court, but off it as well, achieving back-to-back double wins. Gerrity also confirmed his favorite Fortnite celebration is the "L," of course. Sorry, Virginia.

Lastly -- and my favorite part of the video -- Gerrity compares the historic win to winning a match of Fortnite. Again, he's joking. Obviously, winning a match in Fortnite is way better and more impressive.

When I first saw this video, I was surprised with the ability of Fortnite to be literally everywhere. But then I remembered just earlier this week Drake and Travis Scott streamed some playing with the aforementioned Ninja, and then I was instantly less surprised. Still, to watch the manner in which Fortnite has taken off, is incredible, and something -- like UMBC beating Virginia -- that I never thought I would see.