Untitled Goose Game's Soundtrack is Now Available For Download

Untitled Goose Game was one of the biggest video game surprises of 2019. The game's whimsical tone and ridiculous concept struck a chord with gamers, selling more than 1 million copies and earning a plethora of accolades from across the industry. Much of Untitled Goose Game's success can be attributed to its mellow pace, and the game's subdued soundtrack was a major contributing factor. Now, players can give the game's music a listen anytime, as the soundtrack has been released on a number of different music services, including iTunes and Spotify. The news was announced by the game's composer, Dan Golding.

It's certainly nice to see the soundtrack receive an official release, as video game soundtracks can be unfortunately hard to acquire. While the video game industry has grown in major ways over the last few years, it seems that video game music is still considered fairly niche. The prevalence of music streaming services should make it easier to acquire soundtracks for video games, but it seems that most publishers have not put in the effort to make them more widely available. Fortunately, the success of Untitled Goose Game likely helped proved there might be some interest.

In Untitled Goose Game, players take on the role of a mischievous goose tasked with irritating the inhabitants of a small town. The game's various puzzles revolve around using stealth to cause difficulty for these townspeople. However, getting caught typically means that the townspeople simply undo the goose's handiwork, before going back to their own business. It's a fairly relaxing game, and Golding's piano-based accompaniments perfectly fit that tone.


On Twitter, Golding shared his hopes that the soundtrack's lighter nature might help people find some enjoyment during trying times. With so many people around the world turning to video games for some comfort during the coronavirus pandemic, it certainly stands to reason that the soundtrack to Untitled Goose Game could help some people unwind from the current stresses of the world.

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