Valheim Previews More Mistlands Content

Valheim developer Iron Gate Studio has been working on the game's big Mistlands update for some time now with previews occasionally offered to players to show different parts of the new biome and all it contains. Another of those previews was shared this week to provide some insight into the creation of one of the critters that'll inhabit the Mistlands. An exact release date has not yet been announced for Mistlands, however, so players will have to keep looking forward to these sorts of previews until the actual update is released.

This latest Mistlands preview fittingly shows off a rabbit that'll be added whenever that update is released. It's called the "Mistlands Hare," at least for now, and you can check out a speed modeling video showing off the rabbit below.

This bunny preview is a far cry from some of the other Mistlands content that's been teased including a look at an area which sure looks like it's far less friendly than a rabbit might be, but that makes sense for Valheim. The rabbit doesn't appear to have any special qualities other than being a rabbit, and as the overview of the video said, Valheim's new Mistlands area has to be filled with a diverse range of creatures instead of just being populated with threat after threat.

"A Valheim biome is home to a range of different creatures, and the Mistlands will be no different!" the Iron Gate team said alongside the video. "Here you can take a look at how our artists created one of the…less menacing inhabitants that you'll come across in the Mistlands. What are your thoughts?"

Along with the teaser mentioned above that hinted at some seemingly spidery caves, we've also seen one of the weapons that's coming in the Mistlands update. It too was aptly named with it known currently as the "Mistlands Bow," but it's unclear if all of these names are placeholders or if they'll have more unique titles to set themselves apart from other gear and creatures whenever the Mistlands update drops.