Valheim Devs Show Off New Mistlands Content

Valheim's devs have been talking periodically about the game's next big updates this year, and this week, Iron Gate AB showed off some more from the Mistlands update that's on the way. We've seen enemies and more from the Mistlands in the past with this week's reveal bringing players a new look at one of the weapons that'll be added when the Mistlands are accessible. Should those trends continue, it seems like Valheim players can look forward to several more reveals before the Mistlands update is actually released.

The latest teaser for the Mistlands content can be seen below courtesy of the Valheim social accounts. The developers showed off the Mistlands Bow which will probably end up having a different name once it's actually added, but for now, you can see what it looks like and how it's made by checking out the video linked in the tweet.

"There will be plenty of new weapons added to Valheim in the Mistlands update, and while it's a ways away still we wanted to show you something we've been working on!" the developers said in the context provided for the video. "It might still get some additional effects and texture changes, but this is mostly what it will look like. Do you think you will be using this bow when it gets added to the game?"

Back in February, the developers showed off one of the enemies that players would find in the Mistlands, or at least a concept for it. There will be "a bunch of new build pieces and enemies" added alongside the biome along with eh weapons and equipment mentioned previously, but Iron Gate isn't ready just yet to talk about all the mechanics it has planned.

"Alongside the Mountain update, we've also been ramping up work on Mistlands," Iron Gate said prior to the release of the Mountain update. "The phase of nailing down the core concept is done, and we know what kind of inhabitants we want the biome to have. This means we're now working on a bunch of new build pieces and enemies, as well as defining more of the new mechanics we will be introducing (though we'd like to keep those secret for a while longer)."

Valheim's Mistlands update does not currently have a release date.