‘Vampyr’ Is Seeing Huge Sales Success, Says Publisher

The team at Dontnod Entertainment, who previously put their winning touch on the episodic Life Is Strange, has really struck gold with its atmospheric adventure game Vampyr. Ever since its release, it's apparently done big sales numbers -- and for good reason.

The publishers at Focus Home Interactive recently revealed its latest financial report, and in it, Vampyr is indeed making a killing. The publisher managed to clear €44.3 million for the first half of the year, with Vampyr leading the charge.

The game's launch not only brought it great success here in the United States, but also in other countries, as the game was well received in a number of regions. And those sales are still going strong.

Focus Home also noted the strong performance of its other games, including The Surge -- which is getting a sequel next year -- and MudRunner.

The team noted that, with Vampyr leading the charge, it will "continue to maximize the potential of the Vampyr license," possibly suggesting we could see downloadable content -- or maybe even a sequel. This follows on the recent news that the game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, though a release date hasn't been given just yet. (It's expected sometime in 2019.)

As for what the team has planned for its immediate future, the first game that a lot of fans will want to watch out for is Call of Cthulhu, which is currently being developed by Cyanide. It'll be dropping this week for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, just in time for Halloween.

The company will also put a big push behind Insurgency: Sandstorm, which is coming later this year for PC, and consoles sometime next year.


Meanwhile, if you missed Vampyr the first time around, there's still time to catch up on its sheer brilliance and ambiance. You can check it out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. You can read our review here, where our own Liana "Lili" Ruppert notes, "This is a narrative-driven game and it does what it was meant to, at the end of the day, well. It was meant to tell a story, a story that had meaning and drawn out consequence and that's exactly what it did. Unfortunately, not every player is patient enough to see that potential come to fruition. Between it's slow to start story line and low-grade mechanics, Vampyr will be a turn off for many. However, if you are looking for a stunning storyline that ends on a high note, this is the game for you."