Warhammer 40K: Darktide Gets a Board Game

A Warhammer 40K video game gets a board game.

One of Warhammer 40K's newest video games is coming to the tabletop. This week, Games Workshop announced that it would be publishing Darktide: The Miniatures Game, a new tabletop game inspired by the co-op video game Warhammer 40,000: Darktide. The game is a campaign-style game in which players control one of four characters (each inspired by one of Darktide's classes) and embark on missions in the hive city of Tertium. Rules for the game are based on Kill Team, the skirmish-focused tabletop game in which players control small teams in fierce close-combat situations. In total, the game will come with 20 miniatures, which includes Traitor Guardsman and Poxwalkers for players to mow down during missions. 

Fatshark originally published Warhammer 40,000: Darktide back in 2022 as a spiritual sequel to the popular Vermintide series. Players could choose between four classes, all of which could be customized both in appearance and loadout. The story for the game was written by Dan Abnett and features the players conscripted into an Inquisitor's warband while trying to stop followers of the Chaos God Nurgle from taking over a planet. 

Games Workshop periodically publishes more traditional board games as introductions to its bigger (and more costly) games. In the case of Darktide, players will use many of the mechanics and games systems also used in Kill Team, which features a more intricate and smaller-scale combat than the large army battles in Warhammer 40K. Kill Team offers a cheaper alternative to Warhammer 40K, as players only need a dozen or so miniatures instead of dozens of miniatures. 

No release date has been announced for Darktide: The Miniatures Game, but more details are expected soon.