Wario Has Taken Over Nintendo's Twitter Account

While Mario wastes his life away collecting coins and trying to beat Bowser Jr. in tennis, Wario has upgraded himself from a mere foil character to an extraordinary hacker, and in the process has hacked and taken over Nintendo of America's Twitter account.

And naturally, shenanigans ensued:

As you can see, the hack only happened about two hours ago, so there's likely more shenanigans to come, but at the moment that's all Wario has managed to muster so far.

For those that don't know: WarioWare Gold releases today in North America after hitting other territories in the days prior.

Similarly to past entries in the series, WarioWare Gold has the player completing “microgames” at increasing paces. There's over 300 of these microgames, some new, some old, and many of them include call-backs to other Nintendo games, such as Mario Sunshine. Developed by Intelligent Systems, the game is exclusive to Nintendo 3DS, and there is currently no word of a Switch release.


WarioWare Gold is hardly going to be one of Nintendo's bigger first-party heavy-hitters, but this is a little piece of brilliant marketing to generate buzz around the game, and of course, bring out all of the Waluigi die-hards mad that the purple crook is treated like Nintendo's rotten stepchild.

WarioWare Gold is available on Nintendo 3DS. And remember, if you get a DM from Wario, proceed with caution.