WB Montreal DC Game May Release in 2019

We know that WB Games Montreal -- the team behind Batman: Arkham Origins -- has not one, but two [...]

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We know that WB Games Montreal -- the team behind Batman: Arkham Origins -- has not one, but two DC games in the pipeline. And it looks like one may just release next year.

After this Friday when Rocksteady Studios debunked the rumors that it was working on a Superman game, eyes turned to WB Games Montreal and what it's doing. After all, it's been confirmed it's working on two DC games, and one could just be Superman.

In the process of the developer going back under the microscope, one ResetEra user unearthed some interesting details.

Combing through LinkedIn pages of WB Games Montreal employees, said user found that a 3D animator on the team, Ricardo Alex-Vincent, lists something called "Project 2019" in their WB Games Montreal work description. Now this isn't official confirmation that WB Games Montreal will release a game next year, but it does seem to suggest that's the case.

However, it's worth pointing out that things are constantly changing in games development. This date also could be an old placeholder or general window that is no longer accurate. However, Alex-Vincet has only been with the studio for a little over the year, so apparently 2019 was a release window for at least one of the studio's games as early as 2017 (unless of course that information was recently updated).

As you may know, while we know for a fact that WB Games Montreal is working on two DC games, we have little information about either. Orginally, rumors suggested one was a Suicide Squad Game that apparently was canned back at the end of 2016 right before it was about to be revealed. Meanwhile, it was also said the developer was working on a Damian Wayne Batman game, which apparently is still kicking around, but was rebooted at some point. Neither of these games have been confirmed to exist or exist at any point though, so take this little bit of information with a grain of salt.

It's been awhile since WB Games Montreal released anything. Its last release was DLC for Batman: Arkham City dubbed Batgirl: A Matter of Family in 2015. Before this, it released Lego Legends of Chima Online in 2014 and Batman: Arkham Origins the year before in 2013. In other words, it seems like we should be hearing about at least one of WB Games Montreal's projects soon. Perhaps at The Game Awards this Thursday?